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Apr 7, 2018

Diana Rodgers, RD, LDN, NTP is a “real food” nutritionist living on a working organic farm near Boston, Massachusetts. The farm runs a vegetable and meat CSA. She is the author of two bestselling cookbooks and runs a clinical nutrition practice.

Diana writes and speaks about the intersection of optimal human nutrition, environmental sustainability, animal welfare and social justice. She also produces The Sustainable Dish Podcast. In her podcast, she interviews experts in the environmental and health movement. Her new film project, Kale vs. Cow, examines the environmental, nutritional, and ethical case for “better meat’.

There is so much I am just starting to learn about sustainable farming practices. The topic is hugely important, and I'm so grateful for people like Diana who are helping to tell the story in a way that most everyone can relate to and understand. She has the unique opportunity to be a practicing paleo nutritionist while living on a farm that sustains its self through its bio-diverse practices.

The story she tells is compelling and relatable - about her very real struggle with food, with the celiac disease that went undiagnosed for years, and her eventual solution through paleo nutrition that resulted in the healing of her gut, body, and life.

She is full of positive energy, great nutritional advice, and is a great resource for sustainable regenerative farming practices. Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did!

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