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Aug 5, 2017

“There is this misconception that we have that we can kick the can down the road in anything in our life that we’re not happy with. We can just wait ‘til tomorrow...these tomorrows may never come.”

-Eric Remensperger

We each have moments in our lives that forever shift our trajectory. Sometimes they are clearly positive - graduating from college or meeting our future spouse, for example. Other times, the positive side is hard to see, such as being diagnosed with a life-threatening condition.

For Eric Remensperger, stage four prostate cancer was both life-shattering and an undeniable call to purpose, a call which he now devotes himself to answering.

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Once a hard-drinking, hard-living New York City attorney, Eric knew that he couldn’t maintain that lifestyle and expect to live a long, healthy life. He started down the wellness road in the 90’s, making big changes in long-term habits to improve his well-being. He quit smoking entirely, moved to Los Angeles, began seeking out alternative medicine healers, acupuncturists, functional doctors who focused on wellness (rather than sickness). By 2010, his life looked radically different - he had become a person obviously committed to his own health and well-being.

Imagine his surprise when in 2016, after twenty years of “clean living”, he found himself in a doctor’s office getting the news that his body was riddled with cancer. Through a treatment program of his own design and implementation, with diet as a key component and without the use of radiation or chemo, Eric’s cancer is now in remission.

You don’t need to be fighting cancer to learn from Eric - if you are someone who hopes to live long and prosper, or you just enjoy being inspired, be sure to tune in for this special episode of the Whole Life Challenge podcast!