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Sep 28, 2017

2008 Olympic Silver Medal Gymnast, Sam Peszek, summed up the simple choice presented to her over and again during the first 15 years of her life:

I can either eat the cookie and not go to the Olympics or leave it be and go to the Olympics.

This week’s guest on the WLC podcast is a little different than most of our recent guests. Samantha Peszek (pronounced Pesh-eck) doesn’t have a book or a website or a pre-made plan for how you can overcome the roadblocks you face. She has something else: the unwavering will to achieve a goal, no matter how bodacious.

Samantha began her gymnastics training at age two, and played soccer and studied dance as a child as well. Gymnastics, though, won out, and by age twelve, after ten years of consistent, hard work, she became the youngest member of the US National Gymnastics Team. Although she and her teammates won many gymnastics competitions and championships, it was her 2008 Silver Medal Olympic performance that she is most proud of.

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