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Mar 3, 2018

When Maryann Berry was in her 20’s she suffered from chronic knee, hip and back pain. She ended up in a wheelchair, unable to walk due to excruciating hip pain. She had multiple surgeries and tried every medical treatment under the sun including injections, prescription drugs, chiropractic adjustments, and physical therapy. She was left broke, still in pain, and with seemingly no prospects for healing.

Then she was introduced to Posture Alignment Therapy, a revolutionary exercise technique that treats the underlying cause of pain by correcting posture alignment. Maryann began following the program every single day.

Over the course of roughly three years, putting in lots of work every day, Maryann went from being unable to walk to enjoying full range of motion and function of her hip, as well as eliminating her back and knee pain. Today, Maryann’s hip, back, and knee are fully recovered and 100% pain free. She feels like she got her life back.

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Now certified as a Posture Alignment Specialist, Maryann created Realign Therapy to teach others how to take responsibility for their own health. Maryann works with people online and in-person at her studio in San Diego, California as well as creating workout and mobility videos for players of the Whole Life Challenge.

I really love Maryann's passion and enthusiasm for what she does and how simple some of the things are that you can do to positively affect your posture. Do yourself a favor and check out the 4 videos below and add these to rest breaks you take in front of your computer or desk. They will make a difference. Definitely check out our conversation for more insight, context, and inspiration.