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Mar 24, 2018

Garry Lineham, co-founder of Human Garage, is a lifelong bio-hacker who believes that the human body was designed to heal itself. He started Human Garage as a vehicle to give people the correct input to start that healing. Garry himself lived in chronic pain for over 20 years. During that time, he became increasingly frustrated with the countless treatment modalities that only addressed his symptoms. He realized the root of the problem wasn’t being solved and set out to do just that.

Human Garage is based on the principle that optimal health is achieved through complete alignment— restoring the natural functions of the body to enjoy pain-free, full-range of motion. Garry is proud of the fact that medical doctors and therapists from around the world are now coming to Venice, California to learn the Human Garage way of repairing and re-balancing the human body.

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I've undergone many different treatment protocols over the years... but nothing like what I went through at the Human Garage. From having four therapists working on me at once (8 hands touching my body at one time), undergoing treatment while standing up, to regular posture, gait, and facial structure analysis, they don't focus on what is directly causing pain, instead, they treat the entire body holistically.

Garry is the leader and chief ringleader, but it's a program that wouldn't exist without the talented therapists he's assembled to work with him on his team. The podcast conversation reveals the what, why, and how of the program - it's a fascinating program, journey, and a conversation not to be missed.