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Nov 4, 2016

Imagine you’re a motivational speaker for a living (I know… it’s a stretch for me too), and you’re asked to give a talk to a bunch of college students about unhealthy addictions - one of which is over-eating.  Now imagine that you weigh over 450 lbs, have a 58 inch waist and wear size XXXXXL clothing.  See the problem?

This was the exact scenario that my guest this week faced… that moment was his rock bottom.  It was also the point from which his life really began.
Meet “Tinier” Tim Bauer. He is a fraction of the man he used to be, literally, having lost almost 250 lbs since that moment just a few years ago. Tim is on a crusade to change the world. To tell his story, with complete transparency, in an effort to inspire others take charge of their life through action.
During the podcast, I asked Tim all sorts of questions, for example, what is it like to sit down in coach on an airplane weighing 450 lbs, knowing exactly what that would mean for others seated around him. Tim is completely honest, sharing both what he showed on the outside during these impressionable moments, to what was really going on on the inside - the hurt, pain, fear and suffering.
Tim’s transformation, and subsequent willingness to share it with the world is a miracle. His story will affect and inspire you no matter your personal history… because it’s the same story for all of us on some level. We all have our issues, some obvious and on the outside, and some invisible to the eyes of others and on the inside. It’s human to be afraid, to have been hurt, to be struggling, unsure, to judge, lash out, and get angry; just as it’s human to use things that feel good to help us avoid dealing with our issues - alcohol, drugs, food, sugar, shopping, gambling, sex, etc.
That’s why when one man does it, steps out of the crowd, has the courage to walk in the opposite direction to the extent that Tim Bauer has, it touches us all.
This is an incredibly powerful podcast… buckle up, get out a box of tissues… you’re not going to want to miss a word.