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Feb 18, 2015

Alexandra Paul knows about exercise. She knows about diets. She also played a lifeguard on probably the most famous lifeguard show of all time, Baywatch. As a vegan herself, she has a lot of perspective to share about how she manages her performance as an athlete and entertainer on veggies alone.

During our hour together, Alexandra shares her "dirty little secret"... that she is an addict. And she is addicted to... wait for it... sugar. Contrary to what you might think, as a vegan, there is a TON of sugar and processed food available that is "vegan friendly".

Her journey through the WLC challenged her to face some deeply engrained habits around processed food (like snacking every day on Clif bars), and gave her both a reason and the support she needed to give up her dependance on sugar. For her (like many of us), moderation around sugar wasn't really an option. And now, with her newly discovered consciousness, sugar no longer has the power it once had over her.

Listen in as we talk with her about her life and experience in the Whole Life Challenge.