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Feb 20, 2015

It happens about this time in EVERY Whole Life Challenge - people starting to comment that, "It's been long enough, I'm over this, This is so long, I'm tired of this already."

And if this is happening for you, it's a perfect time to check in and ask yourself, "What IS it that has been long enough? What are you tired of? What are you over?"

Because the truth is, this IS your life... it's just that most of the time, you go through it unconsciously, not looking each day at the choices you've made. 

So here's an idea for you - instead of just quitting, give yourself permission to eat whatever you want, not exercise, skip a day or two of supplements... go ahead, it's OK. But don't stop recording your score.

If you simply quit participating, you're going to go back to some of the things you were doing before anyway... but you won't have the opportunity to see thier impact like you do when you're in the game.