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Feb 25, 2015

Corporate Teams are more prevalent than ever in the Whole Life Challenge, and in this episode, Andy & Michael head out to Universal City, CA to visit with one. 

The team's name is "Proud as a Peacock" which makes perfect sense considering the company they work for. There's Matt Wagner (aka "Magner"), Chira, Jocelyn, Karyn, Lauren, and Anna... and they tell us about the workplace challenges that they've gone through together over the past 6 weeks - things like:

  • Trays of ice cream and cupcakes floating by their offices
  • Catering business lunches 
  • Their "emergency" drawer - open in case of an emotional break-down 
  • Social drinking & business dinners 
  • Eating off the cheese plate only because of the discomfort of passing

The team is Captained by Matt, who's a 7x WLC veteran, and they have over 20 members on their team that is split between Universal City and New York City.