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Feb 10, 2015

Your hair is falling out, you're going through full on night sweats, you're exhaused every day, and you were given three options to "cure" yourself: prescription drugs, surgery, or changes to your diet. Which would you choose?

Meet Kristin (of Eat Drink WOD)... who was faced with this sort of dilemma about 8 years ago, but who had to figure it all out for herself (no one laid it out in a nice little package for her like this). She chose the route of dietary change, found out later that the prescription drugs her doctor was prescribing were not the correct ones for her particular thyroid condition, and has completely taken charge of her own health and well being through diet and exercise. 

Her story is compelling as is her commitment to helping others navigate the waters of dietary change. She's a self-created WLC "expert" and has a lot of knowledge and experience to share.