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Jul 10, 2018

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paul chekPaul Chek is a holistic health practitioner, a.k.a. "a healer." He developed a knack for it quite by accident about 30 years ago, when his teammates on the US Army boxing team found that they felt better and healed faster after having him work on them. He went on to study healing arts for the majority of two decades all over the world. He didn't leave a stone unturned, learning from as many different types of healers possible, in as many different modalities. As a result, he developed an innate capacity to heal others - especially when traditional methods didn't work.  He's also known for having been largely responsible for first introducing the Swiss Ball to the world as an exercise tool for rehab, corrective exercise, and training.

paul chekIn an effort to reach more people with his vast knowledge base and experience, he founded the CHEK Institute where he teaches his methods and philosophies to health practitioners from all over the world.  His programs and approach, addressing the foundational root causes of a problem, have literally changed the lives of thousands of his clients, his students, and their clients.

Paul is currently a sought-after international presenter and consultant for companies like the Chicago Bulls, Australia’s Canberra Raiders, and the US Air Force Academy. He has also produced over 60 DVDs and 17 advanced-level home study courses and has had articles featured in Wall Street Journal, Men’s Health, Glamour magazine as well as TV and radio. His book, The Golf Biomechanics Manual and course are PGA-approved, and have been adopted for use by professional golf schools, as well as featured on the Golf Channel.

paul chekPaul is a registered Native American Spirit Guide and Medicine Man with the Nemenhah Band (people of the truth) and Native American Traditional Organization (NAC) where he initiates a process of awakening comprehensive healing through sacred ceremony.

From Andy:

This was an especially meaningful conversation for me as Paul was one of my first mentors in the fitness industry (I went through many of his correspondence courses and three of his certifications). Paul's ability to assess disease states down into their foundational elements, and then to create a healing program addressing them is one of his truly great gifts, as his willingness to teach it to thousands of practitioners around the world. His contribution to the world of health and healing is massive.

I especially loved the part of this podcast where we talk about how he's boiled down everyone's everyday health to what he calls "The Last 4 Doctors You'll Ever Need" - Dr. Happiness, Dr. Movement, Dr. Quiet, and Dr. Diet.


andy petranek

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