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Jan 14, 2019

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dave meltzerIn his early 20s, David Meltzer was at the top of his game in the business world and lecturing around the globe. But despite his success, he felt that something was missing, and the multimillionaire went on a rapid downward spiral that ended in bankruptcy.

It was only then that David realized, in order to revive and thrive, he needed to blend spirituality with business. He started to meld his newfound life and business outlook as CEO to sports super agent Leigh Steinberg (played by Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire), and the result of his transformation is the remarkably successful venture - Sports 1 Marketing - that he began with Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterback Warren Moon.

From Andy:
Dave is one of the most successful people I've ever had the opportunity of having on the podcast, and also one of the most genuine, relatable, and generous. It came as a surprise to me given the cutthroat, ego-driven business (sports agent, deal making, sports marketing) for which he's at the top of the game. He was incredibly open, sharing the behind the scenes story about getting Steve Young signed to the 49ers when they already had Joe Montana as their go-to guy, and also sharing his "secrets" of negotiating and deal-making. He's driven to succeed, but also to give, serve, and contribute to humanity - which he's doing every day.



andy petranek

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