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Apr 29, 2017

Greg Glassman, the founder of the global fitness company and community movement, CrossFit, Inc., is a true visionary. Not afraid to speak his mind or upset people if that’s what it takes to deliver his message, Glassman is on a quest to end the involvement of “Big Soda” in the health sciences.

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Apr 22, 2017

Mark England, the founder of Procabulary, has been on a life-long quest of self-improvement. Through a series of adventures (some intentional, others completely unplanned), he found his way to the world of language.

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Apr 14, 2017

Robbie Ventura is a former American professional cyclist who rode most notably for United States Postal Service Cycling Team from 2001-2004. A pro for over 11 years, he got his start in bicycle racing near his home by developing his skill, strength, and speed while riding, racing and supporting teammates in velodrome...

Apr 1, 2017

You may remember Jack Osbourne from the hit TV show The Osbournes. He’s the son of the heavy metal singer Ozzie Osbourne and is a regular member at CrossFit Los Angeles.


Jack has a thriving business producing travel and history shows alongside his dad (who’s a closet history buff). He’s also a husband and a...