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Aug 26, 2016

My guest this week is Erin Cafaro Mackenzie. She is two-time Olympic gold medalist. She was  part of the United States Women’s 8 crew team that won back-to-back gold medals in 2008 and 2012. She’s also won gold at six out of eight World Championships (and bronze at the other two). She is also only 5’9 and 160 lbs - tiny in the world of Olympic rowing. Needless to say, she knows what it takes to win.

Erin’s story is incredible. From a grittiness that came from growing up with a big brother and background in basketball, to an accidental “discovery” of rowing as a collegiate sport (Title IX) and parents who were willing to give her the time and space during college let her explore and figure things out on her own, her journey to Olympic gold has been far from “usual”.