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Sep 2, 2016

“What would you do if it were your last year alive?”

That is the question that my guest on this episode of the Whole Life Podcast set out to answer as his year-long project in 2016. Faced with a universe that was seemingly conspiring against him over much of 2015 (losing his wife, his business partner, home, and all sources of love and stability), Traver Boehm was at the end of his rope, and with plans to take his own life, re-discovered, miraculously, his desire to live. What was left was great intrigue for that question.

So with nothing left to lose, and nothing more than a blank calendar, a pen and the internet, he sat down and started writing a list of the things that he would like to experience were his life to end at the end of one year. Thus, he began filling in dates on the calendar.