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Nov 18, 2016

When is the last time you heard someone talking about getting in shape and losing weight where in the next sentence they said they were going to start by addressing sleep? I’m in the health and fitness business… and I can tell you that I’ve NEVER heard someone say that.

Why not? I can tell you… easy… It’s not sexy. It means less time to do other things. And in the type A, results oriented, success driven world we live in, many people look at sleep as a waste of time - something that is optional, even a sign of weakness.
But that’s not what Dr. Kirk Parsley would say.

Dr. Parsley is first and foremost a doctor. He’s been practicing medicine for over 12 years. Doc was also a U.S. Navy SEAL - and since earning his medical degree, has spent much of his time serving as the Undersea Medical Officer at Naval Special Warfare Group One. It’s safe to say given his credentials that Kirk knows what it takes to be fit, tough and to get the job done.

But he is also a sleep expert. He’s been a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine since 2006 and has served as Naval Special Warfare’s expert on Sleep Medicine. Most of what he does today is work with people to help them achieve optimal health… and much of that work is centered around sleep and recovery.

Doc is full of stories, analogies, and anecdotes that make his message simple and clear. We are sleep deprived and to address it we have to be willing to swim upstream, against the flow of societal norms.

Our conversation is long but well worth the time you spend… you may even get excited about getting a pair of blue-blocking sunglasses after it’s all said and done!