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Dec 15, 2016

You may have heard of Thrive Market (think Whole Foods meets Costco), but you may not have heard of it’s co-founder and co-CEO, Nick Green.  Nick started Thrive as a wholesale buying club with a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for every American family. It was a risky venture, since nothing like it had ever before been attempted.

Using some unique and innovative strategies that we talk about during the podcast, it has completely revolutionized the non GMO and organic food landscape as it currently offers the 4,000 most popular natural and organic products in the world at 25-50% off retail, shipped anywhere in the U.S. for free. For every paid member on the site, the company also sponsors a free membership for a low-income family.

Prior to co-founding Thrive, Nick was the founder and CEO of Ivy Insiders, an education company that made college test prep more affordable and helped over 20,000 students get into better colleges before being acquired by Revolution Prep in 2010.

The story of the original intent, initial growth, build-up, and current leadership model and structure at Thrive is both compelling and inspiring, especially when told right from the mouth of it’s founder. In our hour together, Nick was as transparent as he was generous, holding nothing back, willing to share all of the “secrets” of his success.

There is a lot in this podcast… from the beginnings when he was packing and shipping things from his own garage… to today with hundreds of employees and massive warehouse space. Nick’s is a story of inspiration, turning dreams into reality, believing in yourself in spite of what others say or think, of hard work and perspiration, transparency, integrity, family, and fun. It’s a genuine success story that has already had an incredibly profound impact on the availability of healthy food options in this country.

I know you’ll love this episode.  Enjoy!