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Jan 13, 2017

Ryan Hurst is one of the co-founders (and head coach) of the online fitness program called GMB - Gold Medal Bodies. is a physical training system that focuses primarily on teaching people how to know their own body and how to move it well, autonomously (appropriately for age and skill level). I mean really, what else is there? As I’ve gone through life, I’ve seen firsthand the challenges people face with their bodies caused by inactivity, lack of use, lack of awareness, and general weakness - so when I first learned about GMB, the philosophic principles upon which it’s based, and the fun I had in going through it’s basic elements training, I fell in love with it.  

Ryan’s been developing this program (without really knowing it) for most of his life. As a competitive gymnast until the age of 17, he established a foundation of strength, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination and stamina that most people never know. Then, still a teenager, he found his way to Japan where he went to college and started seriously studying the martial arts. In this practice, yet again, he was developing his capacity know and move his own body.

As he got deeper into martial arts, he found it increasingly difficult to maintain his position in his job due to the long hours and unhealthy lifestyle practices it demanded. He also sustained a shoulder injury. Both things forced him into looking toward fitness as a career.

If you’re participating in the January 2017 WLC, you’re going to see much more of Ryan - he’s going to coach you by video through a series of 8 workouts, one for each week of the Challenge. They are totally optional, but his stuff is filled with new, different, and innovative ways to move your body and to exercise. Guaranteed that no matter what your level, you’ll learn something new. I’m super excited to be able to bring him to you!

During the podcast, you’ll learn much more about Ryan, his philosophy, personal experience, and why you should be super excited about him being our guest coach during the Whole Life Challenge.