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Jan 20, 2017

Carolyn Freyer Jones is a professional life coach. She has supported hundreds if not thousands of men and women in learning how to use their own life’s challenges and obstacles for insight and growth. She has supported them in launching new businesses, strengthening relationships, transforming careers, growing themselves as leaders, and experiencing greater peace and joy. Her clients include corporate executives, business owners, authors, lawyers, television hosts, salespeople, and more.

She is also the principle developer and lead faculty member for the University of Santa Monica’s Soul Centered Professional Coaching Program which has graduated hundreds of soul-centered professional life coaches since it’s inception (me being one!)

So what does a spiritual life coach like Carolyn have to say about your (and her own) upset about President Trump? That’s just one of many other things we talk about like:

  • What it means to live your life in a spiritual context
  • The spiritual “tool” of compassionate self-forgiveness
  • How we’re all wired to judge others (and ourselves)
  • How our worth and value is often tied to what we do in the world rather than who we are
  • What is really underneath the triggers that upset you (yes, you’re projecting)
  • Being around spiritual teachers and saints
  • Goals - what works about them and what doesn’t?
  • Process goals vs. results goals and what’s underneath?
  • Importance of asking, “Why?”
  • How self-judgment keeps you from achieving your goals, regardless of how hard you work at them
  • Training yourself with loving vs. fear and self-judgment
  • The importance of community and knowing it’s value to you in your life.

I loved this conversation with Carolyn. She is a highly insightful teacher and coach - I know you’ll get a lot out of this, as I did!

NOTE:  If you only have 5 minutes,  jump to 57:15 where Carolyn talks about the current WLC Lifestyle Practice - setting and writing down three goals.