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Feb 9, 2017

I asked Traver Boehm back as a guest on the podcast this week specifically to talk about the impact he’s felt from disconnecting from electronic media over the course of the past year. He’s had personal experience - taking multiple month-long breaks from any sort of online interaction as well as recurring short breaks over the course of his daily routine.

This have been part of his Year To Live Project - something he started at the beginning of 2016 in an attempt to answer the question for himself, “What would you do if you knew you only had a year to live?”

One of the things he took on was a month in the wilderness with only a knife and compass (and the clothes on his back). It was particularly gnarly. He describes it as 28-days of shivering, dealing with extreme hunger, cold, and sleep deprivation. Fascinating as well was how he had to deal with the “not-knowingness” of what would happen tomorrow - or, as he called it, breaking his addiction to future knowledge.

Later in the year, he studied at the Esalen Institute, working on his spiritual practice while cleaning toilets (that paid his room and board). The rule there at meal times - no electronics,  enforced by a complete shut-off of the wi-fi system (and there’s no cell service option either).

If you missed his first appearance as a guest on the show, it’s an episode not to be missed. Check it out here.

Here are some of the highlights of the podcast:

  • How speaking at TEDx is like an MMA fight
  • Learning how to survive for 28 days in the wilderness with nothing but a knife, water, first aid kit, a compass, the clothes on his back, and a five-foot-square sheet
  • Dealing with extreme hunger and cold
  • 28 days of shivering and sleep deprivation
  • Gratitude in the face of misery — and how things could always be worse
  • Surrendering to life the way it is without giving up
  • Taking personal responsibility
  • Breaking the addiction to future knowledge and living in the moment
  • Translating ancient yogic philosophy into current-day leadership
  • Moment-to-moment choices and consciousness
  • Tips for disconnecting from the constant stream of information and communication
  • Seeing family patterns and behaviors that you despise and thought weren’t in you and waking up to the fact they are

 I got so much value from hearing about Traver’s experiences — living and learning through him. I know you’ll love it too.