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Feb 16, 2017

Dr. Steve Orma is a clinical psychologist and happiness expert specializing in the treatment of insomnia, anxiety, and stress. If you’ve ever had a hard time falling asleep, or getting back to sleep after waking up, you’ve had first-hand experience with the way anxiety (or your worry about things in the future) can sabotage your efforts. That is why I thought Dr. Orma would make a perfect guest for this week’s Whole Life Podcast on sleep and the establishment of a bedtime ritual.

Dr. Orma has extensive clinical experience helping individuals of all backgrounds from PTSD war vets to students, moms, young professionals, entrepreneurs, and more. He personally suffered from (and overcame) insomnia, making him first-hand aware of how sleep can negatively impact your energy, health, and well-being. As a result of that experience, he wrote a book on the topic, “Stop Worrying and Go to Sleep: How to Put Insomnia to Bed for Good”.  He is also widely quoted in the national media for his mental health expertise including ABC News, MSNBC, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Women’s Health, Shape, Men’s Journal, and more.

Topics discussed during the podcast:

  • The psychology behind bedtime rituals
  • Specific ideas for bedtime rituals to assist in falling asleep
  • Why you shouldn’t keep your todo list right next to your bed
  • What to do when you’re in bed and can’t fall asleep or can’t get back to sleep
  • Why you shouldn’t have a television in your bedroom
  • Anxiety and insomnia - expecting the worst and worrying about it doesn’t help
  • Using exposure and flooding (techniques) for addressing the core beliefs that are causing your anxiety.
  • Taking action - how it increases confidence and lowers anxiety.