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Apr 1, 2017

You may remember Jack Osbourne from the hit TV show The Osbournes. He’s the son of the heavy metal singer Ozzie Osbourne and is a regular member at CrossFit Los Angeles.


Jack has a thriving business producing travel and history shows alongside his dad (who’s a closet history buff). He’s also a husband and a father to two daughters.


But the reason I wanted to have him as a guest on the show was to talk about his experience with addiction and getting sober as a teenager, as well as his diagnosis with multiple sclerosis (MS).


Before the age of eighteen, Jack had become addicted to painkillers, recognized it, and then willingly went to rehab, kicking it without relapse — he’s now fourteen years sober and counting.


Not long after kicking painkillers, he got the sort of news that any human being who’s been to the doctor with strange symptoms dreads. He learned he has MS.


Jack didn’t tuck his tail under and run. Quite the opposite. He’s lives his life openly and honestly, sharing his trials and tribulations with the world in an effort to shed more light on this disease and to help others in need live with it.


Join me for this great conversation with Jack. Here are some of the things we speak about:

  • The unexpected twists and turns of life as a teenager - and how he pulled through
  • The adventure of a lifetime, climbing El Capitan - a 3,000 ft. sheer granite wall in Yosemite, CA
  • How choosing adventures or events that inspire you can pull you toward your goals
  • Getting “this chick” pregnant and getting married
  • His first symptoms of MS - “de-nial” is not just a river in Africa
  • His belief that, “Where you are at 30 is where you are with the rest of your life,” and how that helped him
  • Commitment to 3 days/week of training - start of changing life
  • Getting his “life straight” through the Whole Life Challenge
  • Catching Leptospirosis in the jungles of Borneo
  • The process of detoxing to cleanse his body
  • Process goals vs. outcome goals
  • The importance of community in fitness and training
  • Andy’s discovery of CrossFit - the early days