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Mar 8, 2015

Finishing the Challenge is one thing, but completing... that's another story. Whether you've logged your score every day and been fully engaged, or you've given up, not kept up with logging in and effectively quit, you have the opportunity this week to COMPLETE.

What's that mean? Completing is like putting the period at the end of a sentence... and it doesn't matter how long your sentence or what words you used, to complete the sentence, it needs a period. 

So the first thing completing means is actually following through this week. Remember, you've still got 5 days to go.

Next, it means taking the time to look back over the past 8 weeks, getting into integrity with yourself, and clarifying where you came from, what you changed, what new habits you've taken on, what you learned, and what results have occured as a result.

In the mean time, go ahead - enjoy this week and the feeling of accomplishment you get after 8 weeks of accountability. Congratulations, you did it!