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Sep 23, 2016

“The wheel doesn’t roll if you’re missing a spoke.” ~ Charles Staley

Seems obvious, right? But when it comes to the context of your life, where spokes are represented by the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial and sexual realms… and are satisfied through things like family, work, friends, hobbies, personal time, relationship, and health and fitness, chances are your wheel isn’t rolling the way it could be.

This is Charles Staley’s specialty - working with people as their guide, mentor and coach to help them reclaim missing spokes, or simply true what is already there. Charles is recognized globally as an innovative coach and thought leader in the world of health and fitness, having authored thousands of articles and made appearances on both CBS’s This Morning and NBC’s Today Show.  At 56 years old, “skinny” (see photos), and lean with a 400 lb. squat, 510 lb. deadlift and with a max rep chin-up record of 17, he considers himself to be in the best shape of his entire life.

Join us in the podcast where he gets into specifics about how he coaches, what he works on with his clients, what his pre-workout warm-up is (something I’ve never heard of or tried before), how he prescribes food macros for his clients, and the fundamental human movements upon which he bases all his exercise and workout prescriptions.