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Jul 22, 2017

In 2013, Dan “Nitro” Clark went from American Gladiator to heart attack survivor. Rather than letting it beat him, though, Dan was eventually able to turn his near-death experience into inspiration for positive change in his own life as well as helping others.

For seven years, Dan Clark played “Nitro,” the iconic American Gladiator. Before that, he was a defensive lineman at San Jose State University and even played for the Los Angeles Rams. He measured his happiness based on achievements, getting the “right” outcomes.

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Taking away such a man’s physical power could easily rob him of his will to live. The aftermath of Dan’s heart attack might have crushed his spirit, but he had other plans. Since this life-altering experience, Dan now sees life through a different lens - one that includes slowing down, being more mindful, serving others, smiling more, and even being vulnerable. Through his new book, he’s sharing this story, and his insights with the world.

Join Andy for an enlightening and uplifting conversation with a man you may never have thought had a sensitive side. Learn how Dan was able to relinquish his happiness-crushing need for control, how he uses meditation to help maintain perspective in the face of adversity, and find out Dan’s techniques for daily progress toward unconditional happiness.

You can find Dan’s Kickstarter campaign for F*ck Dying here.