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Dec 2, 2017

We've all been to the doctor before. The typical advice that follows a cursory exam is basically, "do this for the symptoms," with little in the way of addressing the underlying issue. High cholesterol, for example, is a symptom, not an underlying issue — bringing down cholesterol is not the same as treating the underlying problem, if there even is one. Among the highly-educated is a tendency to believe that the answers are known. Dr. Anthony Gustin believes that this may not be the case, and the more he studies the less sure he is of any "knowns."

As a child, Dr. Gustin thought it was normal to be sick often, overweight, ridden with acne, have constant joint pains, and be generally unhealthy. When he realized that he was in control of all that through diet and exercise, his life changed forever. Through many years of study and self-experimentation, Dr. Gustin developed a foundational support system for health and wellness. His longstanding pains went away, his mental performance skyrocketed, and his overall body composition finally improved dramatically.

Having built and sold a chain of sports medicine clinics, Dr. Gustin's time is now spent on the day-to-day operations of (formerly pureWOD), his whole-food based supplement company, Perfect Keto. (Use that affiliate link and the coupon code WHOLELIFECHALLENGE for 15% off your order.)

In the interest of raising the bar for therapeutic care, Anthony also helps other clinicians, therapists and trainers scale up and help more people through Health Fit Business and helps patients find clinicians through his platform Movement Providers.

Through all those channels, Anthony now focuses on educating as many people as possible about the four pillars of health: Nutrition, Movement, Stress/Mental Health, and Sleep/Rest. Only with all of these operating in your favor can your health and quality of life be optimal. Join us for an insightful conversation with a humble truth seeker, Dr. Anthony Gustin.


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