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Jan 27, 2017

“Beast-Mode” is a phrase to describe someone that athletically “gets after it” every time they get the ball in a practice or a game. Well, there’s no one I know that epitomizes that more than my son’s soccer coach, Sasha Andrews. She’s played world-class level soccer globally for over 15 years, and by the forces of luck and nature for me, my son, and the other kids she coaches, has settled here in Los Angeles. When you see a photograph of her on or off the field, you also immediately know why the phrase Beauty and the Beast couldn’t be more apropos.

A member of the Canadian national soccer team for over thirteen years, Sasha has as much experience in world-class women's soccer — between national games, the World Cup, and the Olympics — as almost anyone else in the world. She’s been a defender her entire career and is nicknamed the “Gentle Giant.”

Sasha was the middle child of seven, and her siblings were all brothers. She quickly learned to play hard just to keep up. It’s no wonder she eventually became a dominating professional athlete. In her own words, “I didn’t even know I was a girl for the longest time.”

As a teenager, she ranked nationally in both basketball and soccer, eventually having to make a choice between the two — a tough decision for a teenager. At nineteen, she made her debut for the Canadian National Team.

She continues to play professionally today for the Santa Clarita Blue Heat, but most of her time is spent working with kids. She coaches a boys U10 and U12 club team, and teaches elementary and middle school PE.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Growing up as an athlete - family, pressures, time, schedule, homework, brothers
  • The devastating loss of one of her brothers at age 34
  • Life as a professional athlete
  • Competing for a spot and staying on the Canadian National Team for thirteen years
  • The 24 hours before a big game - physical and mental preparation
  • What it’s like to collide full-on with Abby Wambach
  • “Legs up” the day before a game
  • Superstitions and habits
  • Providing feedback and supporting teammates - on and off the field
  • Friendships, relationships, and connection with others