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May 17, 2017

Journaling is as old as language. While journaling may have begun as a way to simply keep a record, it has evolved into a method used by millions of people to clarify their thinking, increase creativity, and even become better leaders.

Our guest today is an online teacher and somewhat of a celebrity in one of those journaling systems called Bullet Journaling.

There are plenty of bullet journaling websites around, and plenty of buzz around the idea of bullet journaling. But, beyond the appeal of unattainably-beautiful pages that seem to be the norm on social media, what, exactly, is a bullet journal good for, and how do I do it?

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Kara Benz, creator of, teaches her readers how to live a more centered, fulfilled, and inspiring life full of creative energy and focus. In this podcast, Kara shares with us how she has used bullet journaling to achieve those goals in her own life. Listen to learn how she does it.