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Jun 10, 2016

Since when did eating right and looking healthy require willpower and mind tricks to follow a restrictive diet? Isn’t feeling and looking your best supposed to be fun, with rewards? This week Darya Rose joins the podcast for a conversation that ranges from food choices that fight hunger to mediation that heightens your awareness and helps you listen to your body when making a life change. The Foodist author and blogger reminds listeners that willpower is a limited resource and can’t be relied on, so creating habits have to be a part of the game plan.

Her scientific approach is a breath of fresh air from the gimmicky models of dieting that usually result in binge eating to fill the gap. Eating your emotions and dieting for self-worth are all nasty consequences of this model.  Logic, life experiments, and busting dietary myths is the name of the game for Darya, helping you love your life in the process of making changes. This former ballerina also talks about increasing body awareness which will be critical to monitoring changes when the world constantly pulls you in different stimulating directions.

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