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Oct 14, 2016

Curtis Estes has been a wealth management advisor for Northwestern Mutual for 25 years and is, quite frankly, a superstar. He has built an expansive network of people he serves all over Southern California his book of business is literally a Who’s Who of Los Angeles.  But that isn’t why I invited him to be on the Podcast.

Curtis is a lifelong committed learner… a student of life. He considers it his master work… and has been observing, tweaking, adjusting, and overhauling it regularly with help from coaches and teachers for decades. His most recent book, Your Life By Design, was inspired by his realization in a therapy session that he was not living up to his own standards as a father or husband. And Curtis being Curtis, went on a mission to change that… the book is that story.

Curtis is incredibly transparent about his life. In his effort to serve others, he willingly shares both his shortcomings and triumphs. And during our conversation, he doesn’t disappoint. He talks about the things he uses each day, week, month and year to keep him on track - the daily habits, secrets, and shortcuts (there aren’t really any of those!) that have allowed him to build and extraordinary life for himself and his family.

Ever humble, he acknowledges that he is a “work in progress” and strives to do more and be better each and every day.

I was so inspired by what Curtis shared that after this podcast I bought Hal Elrod’s book and started practicing his Miracle Morning routine. It works. Many awesome takeaways from this one.