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Mar 11, 2015

Personal trainers around the world don't typically call the group of people that they train a community. In fact, their clients almost never actually know one another, unless they happen to pass by while walking through the gym.

Our guests this week, Shari-Beth Susskind and two of her clients, Robyn & Gail, talk about how the Whole Life Challenge changed all this for her group of clients.

Shari-Beth is a personal trainer, and for this Challenge, she signed up herself, and got all of her clients to join her. For the first time ever, it turned a bunch of individuals into a small community. It brought them together, introducing them to each other for the first time, giving them a long-term goal, and giving them a common shared daily struggle. 

The impact has been tremendous - truly life changing for many of the people on their team.

The other effect... It humanized Shari-Beth... for the first time ever, her clients could see that just because she looked great and was strong in the gym, she too struggled with various parts of being healthy. 

Join us as Shari-Beth, Gayle and Robin share their team's story.