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Jun 24, 2015

If you've ever wondered after finishing the Whole Life Challenge, "What's next?", this conversation about the Advanced Challenge is for you.

After 10 Original Whole Life Challenges over the past 4 years, Michael and I decided it was time to create a next level challenge. For us, the biggest question was, "What does an advanced challenge look like in the context of the Whole Life Challenge?"

We came up with a format that we're incredibly excited about... nervous, because it's something completely new for us too, and excited!  

  • Here's the main question you'll be with during the Challenge: “Were the actions I took today appropriate for where I am today, and effective for where I’m headed long term?”
  • 4 weeks (starts July 18th), has four major categories (exercise, nutrition, sleep & meditation)

Scoring Categories

  • Exercise: 1 point for exercising, 2nd point if exercise is appropriate or effective for today and long-term goals
  • Nutrition: 1 point for keeping food journal, 2nd point for keeping compliant to level
  • Sleep: 1 point for taking action to improve quality or duration of sleep, 2nd point for waking up naturally (without the use of an alarm)
  • Meditation: 1 point for at least 5 minutes; 2nd point for at least 15 minutes
  • Reflection: 1 point for writing at a 25 character reflection


Join us for this conversation with 3 of our ambassadors, Susan, Abba & Ayesha, as we talk about the overall concept, the ins and outs of the scoring categories, and why if you've ever played the WLC, you should definitely join us in July.