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Sep 29, 2016

“If people aren’t getting the results they want in life, they need to  just sit in a room and fully internalize that they are solely responsible for the nonsense they are creating in their life.”

~U.J. Ramdas

Whether you agree with him or not, U.J.’s quote gets to the heart of the matter in transformational change. When you take full responsibility, anything and everything is possible. Why? Because you’re the one that is controlling the outcome. You and only you.

My guest in the podcast this week is U.J. Ramdas, the founder of Intelligent Change, whose first product was a journal that I’ve found quite useful in my life called, quite simply, “The Five Minute Journal”. Ridiculously simple, it provides a daily journaling structure that asks you to ask yourself great questions, and limits the amount of room you have to answer. The key to the journal is that it only takes 5 minutes, as doing it each day for five minutes is better than doing it once-in-a-while for longer.

I asked him to come on the podcast because I was intrigued by the simplicity of the journal itself, as well as his open source mindset as a book writer / publisher (the entire contents of the journal is available on his website for free). U.J. shares about both, plus a whole lot more. Like the fact that less than two years ago he was in a horrific accident that nearly ended his life. And that his roots are in India… only coming to Canada a short time ago on nothing more than a wing and a prayer (and a scholarship).

U.J.’s mission is to help the world improve, change, tranform - hence the name of his company. He’s incredibly insightful, well read, and has great tips for each of us to consider as we go through the daily rigors of life.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!