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Jun 21, 2015

Think back 7 weeks. It was the start of the Whole Life Challenge... and we asked you to do three things in order to measure your starting point: do a measurable workout, measure your body, and take a before photo. These measurements were there to serve you as a measurable starting point - a marker in time that you could look back on and say difinitively, "This is where I was."

Now it's time for your final measurements - workout, body and photo. This is really the act of finishing the Challenge, like putting a period at the end of a sentence, marking the end of your journey and giving you the ability to see, specifically, how you've changed over the past 8 weeks. 

It doesn't matter whether you think you've improved or not. Being willing to measure yourself at the end of the Challenge is simply the act of completing.

Join us as we talk about these measurements and why it's so important to finish what you started this way.