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Apr 21, 2018

As you might have noticed, this is the third podcast I've done with the folks from Human Garage. The first two were with the founders, Garry and Anela Lineham. Their stories and experiences are vastly different, yet they came together to create this extraordinary place of learning and healing.

Today, I'm moving the conversation toward the "how" of it all — in other words, what's "under the hood" at the Human Garage. I'm doing this by talking to two of their Master Motion Mechanics: Alexander Rizk and Brian Donahue.

For complete show notes, please click here to visit our website.

Alexander Rizk is a retired professional soccer player. A career-ending injury left him debilitated and in chronic pain. After years of failed treatments, he decided to find his own solution. He attended school for medicine, therapy, nutrition, and human movement. Through these pursuits, he discovered a reliable path to treat his body naturally and, finally, he experienced a full recovery. Pain-free, he felt compelled to help others achieve better health and find happiness within.

As a massage therapist fresh out of college, Brian Donahoe was determined to build upon all aspects of the body’s rehabilitation processes. He sought additional training as a strength coach and Pilates instructor while also mastering full-body active release techniques and fascial treatment. But, it wasn’t until joining Human Garage that he returned to his energetic roots and organ-meridian studies, which spawned new treatment practices. Seeking and treating the source of misalignment is a deep vocational drive for Brian, and ensures that Human Garage will always work to find a better way to heal.

This is a conversation about the body, the brain, neurology, fascia, chakras, organs, breathing, efficiency, healing, and maintenance. We cover way too much in the conversation to try to describe it here — though, there are detailed show notes below.

Enjoy this one —I certainly did!