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Sep 9, 2017

When we hear the term personal branding, most of us think of social media “stars” who are trying to market a product with their personalities, but a personal brand is both more pedestrian, and more important than that. In fact, we should all have a personal brand, if you ask Richard Janes.

Richard describes himself as “a personal brand expert with a passion for storytelling.” He has worked with actors, athletes, musicians, television hosts, executives, and entrepreneurs, helping them connect with their authentic selves and, as a result, connect with and strongly influence others.

Richard founded and still provides strategic oversight to Fanology, the Hollywood-based social media and digital studio. He also sits on a number of startup boards, and continues to share his love of storytelling through various writing, directing, & acting projects.

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Your Personal Brand Is Who You Are

The key to a successful personal brand, Richard says, is that it must come from an authentic place and must show in every aspect of your life. To that end, he teaches how to identify your unique life’s purpose. It took a life-threatening illness to show Richard Janes how to be authentic and true to his purpose, but he insists that it doesn’t need to get that bad. You can start on this path any time you decide to.

Wouldn’t you like to find out who you are at your very best, and how powerful that person can be to create change? Wouldn’t you love to live an authentic, purposeful, and fulfilling life? Who wouldn’t want that! I hope you enjoy this fantastic episode of the Whole Life Challenge Podcast with guest Richard Janes.