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Jun 22, 2017

Jeff Tucker, a former Fort Worth, Texas, firefighter, bomb tech, and arson investigator for twenty years, has spent the last ten years as director of CrossFit Gymnastics. Jeff got his start in gymnastics as a competitive gymnast in the 1970s.

"Tucker,” as he is known to his friends, was a guest speaker for United States Gymnastics Association congress, coached gymnastics and cheer for six years at Texas Christian University (TCU), and is the CEO of GSX Athletics and GSX CrossFit. Together with CrossFit Gymnastics, he has trained over 300,000 people.

All this has come from following his passion.

Jeff’s passion is to help anyone who desires to be stronger, more flexible, and more mobile with the eventual goal of advanced body awareness and movement.

Join Andy and Tucker for a fun discussion of gymnastics training for everyone, how to get started and then keep progressing, handstands (and more handstands!), how to train kinesthetic awareness, building a foundation of strength, and more.

Jeff shares some of his experiences over the years in firefighting, gymnastics, cheer, and life. Don’t miss the tennis ball story!

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