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Oct 28, 2016

“I am coming to the realization –– albeit slowly –– that to be content, you have to be authentic. And to be authentic, you have to be vulnerable. If you’re not open to the problems that come in life and aren’t willing to accept setbacks and failures and ridicule and criticism and wear that and move forward, you’re going to be in trouble.” ~ Adam Stanecki

Adam Stanecki joins me this week from the Gold Coast of Australia for the latest installment of the WLC Podcast. Adam calls himself a “lifestyle entrepreneur”. He is a coach who helps people uncover their true potential in business and in life through positive mindset, mindfulness, and mastery. He’s been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, opened the third CrossFit affiliate in Australia many years ago, and has been on his own path of health and fitness mastery since first starting martial arts at the early age of 7. He’s also a music buff, regularly posting his own quotes on Instagram (@adamstanecki) in the style of good old-fashioned album jacket artwork.

Though I knew Adam by name before this conversation, we had never actually spoken in person. And I tried something new for this podcast, something I learned about the way Larry King conducts many of his interviews - with absolutely zero preparation. So I went into the conversation without any real idea of what we would talk about or where it would go - something that was particularly nerve wracking for me for the first part of the recording.

Adam and I enjoy a meandering conversation about life, authenticity, mastery, vulnerability, kids and parenting, training, effectiveness, and personal growth. It’s a very real conversation about very real and current life issues - things that we all think about and deal with all the time. I really enjoyed the conversation and am sure you will too.

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